Welcome to our Chicago dental practice, where your smile is the priority. Our dentists and orthodontists are committed to delivering comprehensive dental care in a friendly and welcoming environment. Whether you’re looking for routine dental check-ups or more specialized treatments, we offer various dental services to keep your family’s smiles in shape. 

Below are our top five dental services:

1. General Dentistry: Keeping Your Smile Healthy

Our commitment to your oral health starts with general dentistry. Regular check-ups, dental cleanings, and oral examinations are the foundation of a healthy smile. During these visits, our experienced Chicago dentists will assess your oral health, check for cavities, gum disease, and other issues, and provide personalized advice on maintaining your dental well-being. We aim to keep your smile vibrant and free from common dental problems.

2. Cosmetic Dentistry: Enhancing Your Smile’s Aesthetics

Smiling is a confidence and immune system booster. And so it’s essential to be able to smile freely. Our Chicago dentists know this and offer teeth whitening, dental veneers, and smile makeovers. Whether you want to brighten your teeth or correct imperfections like chips or gaps, our dentists and orthodontists will have your smile picture ready in no time. 

3. Orthodontics: Achieving a Straight Smile

Orthodontic treatment goes beyond cosmetic improvements; it also contributes to better oral health. We offer various orthodontic options, including traditional braces, Invisalign, and clear aligners. Our board-certified orthodontist can correct misalignments, overcrowding, and bite issues, giving you a straight and functional smile. We’re also one of the top Invisalign providers in Chicago. We offer Free initial orthodontic consultations.  

4. Restorative Dentistry: Repairing and Renewing Your Smile

Life can take a toll on your teeth, leading to damage, decay, or loss. We are here to get your smile back to its full glory. From cavities and fillings, root canals, and dental crowns to bridges and dental implants, we use advanced techniques and materials to restore the health and function of your teeth. We focus on providing durable and natural-looking restorations that seamlessly blend with your natural teeth. We also offer dental deep cleanings, also known as scaling and root planing, to treat and even reverse gum disease (periodontal disease). 

5. Pediatric Dentistry: Caring for Your Child’s Dental Health

Our family dental practice treats the whole family from 1 to 100. Our pediatric dentistry services create a positive and comfortable environment for children. From preventive treatments like dental sealants and fluoride applications to cavity fillings and orthodontic evaluations, our dentists prioritize preventive care to promote a lifetime of healthy smiles for your child.

Let us help you smile. Whether you’re looking for general dental care, cosmetic enhancements, orthodontic treatment, restorative solutions, or pediatric dentistry, our Chicago dental practice offers a comprehensive range of dental services to meet your needs.

We invite you to schedule an appointment with our experienced and compassionate dental team. Contact us today and take the first step towards a healthier, more beautiful smile! 773-481-2200 or schedule online.