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Hearing “You have gum disease,” can strike fear into anyone’s heart.  But, gum disease, also known as periodontal disease can be reversed if it’s caught and treated early enough.

Dental Deep Cleanings Can Reverse Periodontal Disease

Dental deep cleanings are recommended for early to mid-stage periodontal disease. While early periodontal disease can be diagnosed based on observing the gum line, the most accurate form of diagnosis is when the dentist or hygienist, using a special instrument, probes between the gum and teeth. Probe depths up to 3mm are considered normal, depths of 5mm or more are considered to be indicative of periodontal disease. If your dentist observes periodontal disease, they will recommend that a deep cleaning be done as soon as possible.

The goal of dental deep cleanings is to remove the bacteria and debris that is causing the pocketing and inflammation so that the gums can return to normal. This involves scaling and root planning; your dentist or hygienist carefully working to remove bacteria, plague and tartar from the gum pockets, surrounding tissue, teeth, and roots. You may be required to take an antibiotic to assist in the healing process.

Your dentist will need to see you back for a follow up appointment to make sure that the gums are healing and returning to normal. After that, most patients can return to a 6-month cleaning and check-up schedule. However, it’s important to have your dentist evaluate the best schedule for you. It’s also important to practice good daily oral hygiene (brushing, flossing, and mouth wash) to help your gums and teeth stay healthy.

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Welcome to ABC Dental, the number one dentist in Chicago for high quality and affordable dental and orthodontic care.   Our staff includes several dental specialists, including a board certified Orthodontist.  We offer comprehensive dental care including pediatric dentistry, orthodontics and braces, dentures, root canal and crowns, as well as cosmetic dentistry services.  We’ve enjoyed growing with and supporting our community for the last many years.

While you have many options for dentists in Chicago, we invite you to try our practice out.  We offer free initial consultations and second opinions on treatment plans and dental procedures.  Our patients consistently tells us that we deliver the best service for the best price.

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Me and my family have been going to ABC Dental for years.  We have several other dental offices closer to our house, but we can’t imagine going anywhere else.  They are our dental family.

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Pediatric Dentistry

Gentle and compassionate dental care for your littlest ones from 1 to 18.

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Get the high quality dental care your smile deserves.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Take your smile to the next level with our cosmetic dental services.


Reinvent your smile with Invisalign invisible retainers.


Standard metal braces for kids and more severe adult tooth and bite alignments.

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Same day dental appointments for tooth pain, chipped teeth,…

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“Very nice dental office to go to. Dr Nada Zayzafoon is a wonderful dentist that’s caring and very good with kids. I travel far to be seen by her(about an hour and a half) and worth every minute. “


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“Got me in and out, without an appointment (I may add).  They were sensitive to the unexpected emergency. I was recommended by a friend and I will recommend to all mine”


Long Time Patient

“The staff here are the best especially Ofelia and Dr. Shah are amazing. The best place they treat you like family.”


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Meet Our Doctors

Dr. Nada Zayafoon

Dr. Nada Zayafoon

Dr. Nada Zayzafoon (known to her patients as Dr. Nada) loves helping adults and children achieve healthy smiles.

Dr. Ankur Shah

Dr. Ankur Shah

Dr. Ankur Shah’s extensive training in complex dental conditions enables him to treat a wide variety of conditions.

Dr. Jianjun Hao

Dr. Jianjun Hao

Dr. Jianjun Hao is a board certified orthodontist who has been treating adults and children for over a decade.  

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