What is Orthodontics?

If you’re feeling self-conscious about your misaligned teeth or crooked smile, then you are not alone. Many people shy away from speaking or smiling in public, just because they are afraid of showing their misaligned teeth. But fret not! Thanks to orthodontics, you can get your teeth straightened and enjoy a healthy, charming and naturally beautiful smile! 

What is orthodontics? You might be wondering.  This article offers everything you need to know about orthodontics.

What is Orthodontics?

According to the American Dental Association (ADA), orthodontics is a branch of dentistry that is involved in the diagnosis and treatment of problems related to teeth alignment, the jaw, and bite. Not everyone needs orthodontic treatment but for anyone who is having functional or cosmetic concerns because of their bite, orthodontic treatment is an excellent option to get a rockstar smile!

The Importance of Orthodontics 

Many people think that orthodontic treatment is necessary only for the correction of cosmetic problems. A bite can affect more than just your smile and facial esthetics. Scientifically known as malocclusion, a bad bite can create difficulties in eating and speaking. When the teeth are not aligned properly, they will be unable to break the food we eat into smaller pieces. As a result, our digestive system will not be able to assimilate energy from our food, leading to indigestion and malnutrition. 

When the teeth are not aligned properly, the upper and lower jaws do not close at an optimal position. This leads to excessive pressure on the jaw joints, causing headaches and even jaw dislocation. Finally, an improper bite can cause excessive wear of some teeth, causing teeth cavities, sensitivity and even gum problems. 

What is the Suitable Age for Benefiting from Orthodontics?

Previously, dentists recommended orthodontic treatment for adolescents and teenagers. However, dental technology has now come a long way. You can now get your smile fixed with orthodontics at any age – from teenage to middle age, even old age!

Today, orthodontic braces are not the only orthodontic treatment option available. If you don’t like the metallic appearance of the braces, your orthodontist or dentist can fix your teeth with Invisalign – a system based on the use of transparent removable aligners that don’t affect your smile. You can also get ceramics or lingual braces for cosmetically fixing your bite problems. 

Now that you know what orthodontics is and what it can do for you, you can say goodbye to your bite problems for good – and enjoy a smile that you always have been dreaming of!