Dental Digital X-Rays

During your routine check-up appointments, we will take dental digital x-ray images of your teeth. This is because many dental problems are not visible be detected through the naked eye. X-ray images allow our dentists to detect any underlying dental issues well before they can cause permanent damage to your oral health. 

What are X-rays?

X-rays are routinely used by dentists for diagnostic, treating, and even preventing dental problems. An x-ray is a beam of energy that can pass through the dental tissues. Because healthy teeth and bones are dense with the presence of minerals they absorb more of the x-rays beems and  appear brighter. 

On the other hand, gum and periodontal tissues, and teeth that have cavities, appear lighter on the x-ray images. This comparison allows us to detect dental problems long before they are clinically visible by the naked eye. 

Digital X-rays at ABC Dental

At ABC Dental our top Chicago dentists use the latest digital x-ray technology, which not only produces 80-90% less radiation, but also delivers much more detail in comparison to the conventional x-ray images. 

The digital x-rays use an x-ray sensor, in contrast to an x-ray film used by conventional x-ray technology. Therefore, they instantly capture the required images of the dental tissues that can then be stored or displayed directly on a computer. 

What are the Benefits of Digital X-rays?

Digital x-rays carry several advantages over conventional technology:

  • Safer – the digital images have considerably lower radiation exposure than traditional x-ray images. Therefore, they can be used for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes without the fear of any adverse effect. 
  • No Delays – conventional x-ray images need to be developed by using a time-consuming and challenging procedure. In contrast, digital x-ray technology makes instant images.
  • Record-Keeping – digital x-ray images can be viewed on a computer screen on a realtime. They can also be stored  for future use and can be shared electronically with other dental professionals for consultation or opinion. 
  • Improved Details – digital x-rays provide better image quality in comparison to conventional technology, allowing the dentists to make better diagnosis and treatment plans. 

What Problems Can X-rays Reveal?

Digital x-rays can be used to diagnose and treat a variety of dental problems:

  • Teeth cavities 
  • Dental abscesses
  • Cysts 
  • Tooth fracture 
  • Bone loss due to underlying periodontal problems 

At ABC Dental our top Chicago dentists and orthodontists use different types of x-rays, depending on the location and extent of the problem. 

The most commonly used x-ray images are periapical.  Periapical radiographs, or x-rays, provide a full-length view of 2-3 adjacent teeth and are very useful for diagnosing teeth cavities, gum problems, and periodontal abscesses. 

For new patients, we recommend a full-mouth series that provides information regarding all your teeth, restorations, jaw, and other dental structures. 

Similarly, we take bitewing radiographs, or x-ray images, that provide information regarding the biting surfaces of the teeth. These x-rays images are usually taken during check-up visits to ensure that your teeth are free from cavities. 

Dental x-rays save you from expensive and time-consuming dental procedures by helping the dentists to detect dental problems when they may be reversible. Therefore, we recommend that you visit us regularly for checkups so that underlying dental issues can be diagnosed and treated before they cause trouble.

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