Dental Sealants

Dental sealants are one of the top ways we can help you keep your teeth healthy and free of decay.

We understand that you brush and floss daily, but sometimes these things are not enough to completely clean all the surfaces of the teeth, especially the nooks and crannies on the biting surfaces of the back teeth. These hard-to-clean, rough biting surfaces of the premolar and molar teeth are the ideal spaces for food particles to get stuck and feed bad bacteria.  This can lead to plaque and tartar deposits, and ultimately, the development of teeth cavities. 

Our top Chicago dentists and ABC Dental believe that prevention is always better than treatment. Therefore, we use dental sealants to prevent cavities and decay, especially in the molar and premolar teeth that have deep grooves and fissures. 

What are Dental Sealants?

Dental sealants are thin coatings that are placed over the biting surfaces of the molar and premolar teeth. Dental sealants work like raincoats for the teeth. 

Dental sealants can be helpful for children, especially those prone to tooth decay.  According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), schoolchildren who receive dental sealants have three times less  molar cavities than those who don’t. 

Who Can Benefit from Dental Sealants?

At ABC Dental, we recommend dental sealants for:

Children – dental sealants are most commonly used for children above six years of age, who have permanent molar and premolar teeth 

Adults – Occassionaly, our dentsts may recommend dental sealants for adults who are at a higher risk of developing cavities and decay

Baby Teeth – in some cases, where there are very deep grooves on the primary molar teeth, our dentists may recommend dental sealants. 

How Do Dental Sealants Work?

The food particles that adhere to the pits and fissures on the biting surfaces of the molars provide an excellent breeding environment for the harmful bacteria, which produce acidic products that result in the formation of teeth cavities. When the sealants are applied, the food particles unable to deposit on the biting surfaces of the back teeth, thereby preventing cavity formation. 

How Are Dental Sealants Applied?

Application of dental sealants is a painless and straightforward procedure.  First our top Chicago dentists will clean your back (molar and premolar) teeth, and then place an acidic gel on their biting surfaces. This is done to create small pores that enhance the bonding of the dental sealant gel onto the tooth’s surface. After a few seconds, the doctor washes away the gel and thoroughly dries the tooth.  Then the doctor will apply the sealants on the grooves of the back teeth and harden it by using a special blue light. 

How Long Do Dental Sealants Last?

With proper care, you can expect the sealants to protect your teeth from cavities for 2-3 years. Although dental sealants are an excellent option for preventing teeth cavities, you should not consider them as a substitute for routine oral hygiene like brushing and flossing. Visit us regularly for appointments, brush and floss daily, and get your teeth protected with sealants. That’s all you need for enjoying perfect dental health.

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