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At ABC Dental we are committed to delivering lifelong healthy smiles.  Since these smiles begin in childhood, our expert staff of dentists and orthodontists create individualized treatment plans for kids and adults. 

Orthodontics can make the biggest difference in your child’s smile – so we recommend that you consider seeing an orthodontist even if your child’s teeth are healthy and straight.

What is the right age for my child to see an orthodontist?

The American Association of Orthodontists recommends that all children, even those with straight teeth, see an orthodontist for an evaluation by seven.  Somewhere between the ages of six and seven, most of the adult front teeth have come in, as well as, some of the molars.  At this stage we can determine how your child’s bite will evolve as they grow, whether or not they are missing any adult teeth, and determine if they have any abnormal tooth eruptions.  This first evaluation helps us discover any current and future orthodontic issues.

It’s important to understand that this first evaluation does not mean that we are starting treatment at seven.  In fact, most kids don’t begin orthodontic treatments until adolescence.  That being said, getting your child evaluated at seven enables us to stay on top of your child’s dental development so that we can pick the perfect time for treatment to start.  It also gives us a chance to determine if your child needs early orthodontic treatment.

What if my child needs Early Orthodontic Treatment?

If your child has an orthodontic issue that would benefit from early treatment, we can begin treatment right away.  Certain orthodontic conditions are easier to fix before their bones have fully solidified. The goal with early orthodontic treatment is to fix problems before they become more severe, thus enabling your child to grow into a healthy and beautiful smile that will grace them for their entire lives. 

Certain issues that might warrant early orthodontic treatment, include:

  • ​Crossbite:  Crossbite is when the bottom teeth sit outside the top teeth.  This condition causes bite and other function problems, as well as causing the appearance of the smile.  Palatal expansion is used to treat crossbite.
  • Open Bite:  Open Bite can be caused by tongue thrusting or thumb sucking. If we can identify these conditions early on and treat the behavioral causes, we can prevent more severe problems down the road.
  • ​Crowding:  When the teeth are crowded together, rotating and displacing each other, we can use palatal expansion to widen the dental arches. 

If your child loses baby teeth early or late, mouth breaths, sucks their thumb after 4, or has tongue thrusting, we may begin early treatment because these conditions can cause structural problems in their teeth, jaw, or face – and early treatment can stop or reverse the problems.

Our in-house orthodontist is board certified.  Only 25% of orthodontists opt for board certification by the American Board of Orthodontists.  This certification represents a personal commitment to providing an exceptional level of patient care. 

Some children may be good candidates for Invisible braces.  That’s why we recommend that you schedule an initial consultation with one of our dentists.  If you already feel like metal braces are your first choice, go ahead and schedule with our orthodontist.

We offer FREE initial consultations with our dentist and orthodontist, as well as FREE second opinions on treatment plans.  Call our office to schedule today.

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