What Do Braces Cost?

“What do braces cost?” tends to be the first question that patients ask us. And we get it!

Braces are a major commitment of time and resources.

And, braces can be life changing.

Patients come to us daily saying that they saw a special for $1995 or some other low price for braces.

We always counsel these patients to fully understand what braces truly cost. Because most, if not all, of these super low priced braces packages have fine print contracts that patients don’t read or understand.

And those same patients end up paying double and triple that initial price because that price is only an entry price that covers a very limited time of treatment and does not include getting the patient to their final goal.

Like most things, if the deal seems to good to be true, it usually is.

So, we’re going to try and answer “What do braces cost,” as clearly and best as we can, given that each individual treatment plan, and therefore price, is unique.

One thing we can say in regards “What do braces cost” is when we give you a quote at ABC Dental, that is the final price to get you to your desired smile outcome.

You absolutely will not pay one penny more in hidden fees or treatment extensions.

We’ve treated nearly 10,000 patients. We will get you to your desired smile for what we have quoted you.

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What Goes Into the Cost of Braces? Why Are Some Cheaper / More Expensive?

It has to do with the complexity of your case.

Are your teeth misaligned or overcrowded? Are there jaw and bite problems that need to be corrected? If this is a child, are there jaw growth issues that may need to be addressed?

And so all of these questions and issues come down to how long and using what tools, will your particular case need?

Types of Braces

We offer two types of braces.

Metal Braces

Metal braces are the original braces, made famous by decades of teenagers.

Metal braces are most appropriate for children and teens, and adults who may need more extensive jaw and bite corrections.

Metal braces are affordable and durable. They get the job done.

Invisalign Invisible Braces

Invisalign Invisible Braces are doctor supervised invisible retainers used to correct less extreme teeth alignments in adults and mature teens.

The process requires patients to wear invisible retainers for 12-22 hours a day.

Invisalign braces are a bit more costly than metal braces, but are relatively invisible.

Many of our Invisalign patients have come to us after having unsuccessful experiences with at home invisible braces treatments. They’ve found that the lack of proper impressions, options for teeth that do not move as planned, and absence of regular dentist visits made it impossible for them to achieve the smiles they set out to achieve.

When you get your braces done at ABC Dental, we are committed and responsible for getting you to your desired smile outcome.

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Dental Issues That Need Correcting

Beyond the type of braces you select, whatever bite, teeth, and jaw issues you are trying to correct with affect the duration of treatment, and therefore, how much your braces cost.

The shorter the time a patient needs to wear the braces, the less alignments they need, the lower the cost of the braces.

Beyond the type of braces you select, any dental issues that need to be corrected before treatment may add to the cost, things like: deep cleanings, head gear, cavities, extractions…

Additionally, most patients forget that after their braces are removed, they’ll need to wear customized retainers.

The Quality and Training of the Orthodontist

At ABC Dental, our Dr Hao is a Board Certified Orthodontist. This means that he has completed three more years of rigorous education and residency with a personal and professional commitment to orthodontic excellence.

What does this mean for our patients?

With over 10,000 straightened smiles, Dr. Hao brings a higher level of excellence and expertise to treating even the most complex cases in kids and adults.

Board Certified Orthodontist Chicago

And, more importantly, unlike other orthodontic providers who being patients in at a low price, but then extend treatment and escalate cost, Dr. Hao’s board certification and expertise enable him to accurately project both treatment and cost.

In fact, we sign a contract that locks in the price. When we commit to a price for you, that is the final price you will pay – there are no hidden fees or treatment extensions that they will be charged for.

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