The Best Diet for Oral Health

What is the Best Diet for Oral Health?

The foods you eat can have a lasting impact on your oral health and physical well-being. According to the American Dental Association, your health is the first thing that declines when you are not taking a healthy diet.  At ABC Dental, we have the following tips for retaining pearly white teeth and a charming smile throughout life.

Minimize Sugar and Carbohydrates

No matter how much you love sweets and desserts, sugary foods and drinks are one of the worst enemies of your teeth and smile, especially if you eat them frequently. When the sugars and carbohydrates attach to your teeth, they provide an excellent environment for the harmful bacteria to breed and release acidic products that can cause cavities and tooth decay. Our top Chicago dentists at ABC Dental recommend that you should limit how frequently you eat sugar.  Remember, that the more sugar and low fiber carbohydrates that you eat, the more you risk cavities, decay, bad breath, and other oral health problems.

Drink Plenty of Water for Strong Gums and Teeth

When it comes to your oral health, water plays many essential roles to keep your teeth and gums healthy.  Water cleans your mouth; it flushes away plaque deposits from the teeth, thereby minimizing the chances of teeth cavities. At the same time, water has a buffering effect; it prevents the formation of an acidic pH inside your mouth, thereby reversing the demineralization process of the teeth.  Water also quenches your thirst and keeps you properly hydrated – which helps with saliva production.  

Eat Vegetables and Fruits to Nourish Your Smile

Green vegetables and various fruits contain high water and fiber content. Therefore, when you add them into your diet, they provide a cleansing effect by removing plaque deposits from your teeth.  Furthermore, when you chew raw vegetables, it leads to the stimulation of your salivary glands, thereby enhancing the salivary flow and preventing teeth cavities. Moreover, fruits like apples and carrots contain vitamins and other essential nutrients that make the teeth and gums healthy.  

Don’t Forget the Proteins for Strong Teeth

Proteins are the building blocks of our bodies. Foods rich in proteins such as meat, poultry and fish contain high levels of phosphorous, which helps make our teeth strong and resistant against cavities.

Dairy Products Reduce Acid in Your Mouth

 Research has shown that cheese tends to reduce the acidity inside the mouth and prevents cavity formation. Similarly, low-fat milk and yoghurt and excellent sources of calcium, phosphorus and proteins, which make the teeth healthy. Yoghurt also contains probiotics which are beneficial for your oral and physical health. 

You Are What You Eat

Our health reflects what we eat! Adopt a healthy and tooth-friendly diet, ensure optimal oral hygiene and regular dental checkups, and say goodbye to all your dental problems. Remember! A healthy smile is a beautiful smile.  

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