Sedation Dentistry for Dental Fear and Anxiety

Sedation dentistry can be a lifesaver for patients with dental fear or anxiety.

Do you avoid the dentist out of fear and anxiety? Does setting foot in the office make your stomach whirl and your skin tingle? Are you living with tooth pain or gum sensitivity because you fear going to the dentist?

You are not alone. 

Millions of people suffer from dental anxiety and postpone or avoid treatment, often allowing time to exacerbate the problems.

Don’t be one of them. 

ABC Dental has a compassionate team of highly trained Chicago dentists and assistants. They are experts at working with patients who suffer from anxiety and will go above and beyond to make you comfortable. They will thoroughly explain the procedure and are certified to administer minimal sedation, such as inhaled nitrous oxide, to help you relax in the dental chair and get the care you need.

Minimal Inhaled Sedation

Nitrous oxide, or “laughing gas,” is combined with oxygen. You breathe this through a mask placed over your nose. The gas does not put you to sleep but only helps you relax. The effects of nitrous oxide are short-lived and wear off quickly. Many patients choose this form of sedation dentistry because they can usually drive themselves home after their procedure.

We have found great success using nitrous oxide to help our patients who experience dental anxiety and fear. Call our office to discuss your questions and concerns at 773-481-2200.

Dental Anxiety & Fear

We are lucky to be living in a highly technological era where that age-old fear of dental work can be efficiently and conveniently allayed. Our top Chicago dentists always keep up with the latest anxiety and pain relief methods.

If you have fear or anxiety, know that you’re not alone. Close to 35 million people allow their fear to keep them from visiting a dental professional.

We see these common dental fears every day:

  • fear of dental equipment
  • fear of the dentist 
  • anticipation of extreme pain​
  • anxiety over anesthetic failing
  • anxiety over losing one’s composure
  • profound fear of injections
  • shame over one’s oral hygiene and upkeep

What can I do about my dental anxiety? (Other ways to manage dental anxiety)

  • Get to know you’re dentist as a person. You’ll discover they are human and have irrational fears of their own.
  • Research alternatives: Is there a less invasive option? Ask your dentist to explain the pros and cons of each treatment.
  • Create your code of communication. Choose a hand or foot movement that communicates: Stop – that hurts!
  • Go under. Sedation has become an art and science. You and your dentist can decide what type and amount work best to keep you calm and safe.
  • Crank the tunes. Music always puts people at ease in stressful situations. Bring in your favorite playlist and your clearest earphones!
  • Try nitrous oxide – a safe and effective sedative that we mix with oxygen and then serve up through a small mask that comfortably fits over your nose and enables you to rest and relax during your treatment.

If you have any other ideas on managing anxiety, please share them with us! We are here to learn from and comfort each other!

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