Free Initial Orthodontic Consultation

Your initial free orthodontic consultation is an important first step in deciding if and what type of braces are right for your smile. Unlike most dental procedures that can be completed in one or two visits, orthodontic treatment is a long-term commitment. It’s also more expensive than most other dental procedures. That’s why at ABC Dental, our orthodontist and dentist take the time to have a detailed discussion about your smile goals.

Upon completing our FREE initial orthodontic consultation, you’ll have a clear understanding on your options, goals, treatment process, and cost.

We’ve created this article to help you understand what to expect during your initial orthodontic consultation with one of our doctors. 

The initial free orthodontic consultation is primarily an assessment and smile planning session.   We offer both Invisalign invisible braces and standard metal braces. Depending on the options you’re interested in, your initial free orthodontic consultation will be either with our dentist or our board certified orthodontist.  

Here is what to expect on that important and exciting initial free orthodontic consultation:

  • A Thorough Dental Examination – Our dentist or orthodontist will perform a detailed examination which will include bite analysis and an alignment assessment.
  • Understanding Orthodontic Treatment – The doctor review your dental and health history and ask you detailed questions about your smile goals. He may use previous x-rays or photographs to help you understand what the process will be to achieve those goals.  The initial free orthodontic consultation is also a time where the orthodontist will help you understand what to expect in day to day life while you’re in orthodontic treatment.  It’s also a time where you can get answers to any and all questions you have.   
  • The Orthodontic Treatment Plan – Finally, all of the doctor’s recommendations will be formalized into your customized treatment plan.  The orthodontic treatment plan will detail out the entire process and the costs.

Here at ABC Dental, when we sign off on an orthodontic treatment plan, we guarantee that our patients will get to their smile goals WITHOUT any additional or hidden costs. 

We’ve heard from patients who come to us after starting treatment elsewhere that many orthodontic providers will sign off on treatment plans and then charge patients for extra “unplanned” costs or treatment extensions.  We DO NOT DO THIS. 

Questions about Orthodontics

Our dentists and orthodontist have been crafting dream smiles for nearly two decades. 

Here is a list of questions you’ll get answers to at your initial free orthodontic consultation:

  • What is the orthodontic problem?
  • What are the various treatment options and what outcomes to expect from each?
  • What is the estimated length of the treatment?
  • Will you need any teeth removed? If so, how many, and which ones? 
  • Will other dental procedures be necessary for you to achieve your smile goals?
  • The cost of your care.
  • Whether your insurance plan will cover the treatment?  And if so, how much will they cover?
  • How to help your child have a successful orthodontic experience.

Once you decide that the treatment is right for you, or your child, you will sign the treatment plan and get started.  Many of our patients elect to start treatment the same day.  

We’re excited to help you achieve the beautiful and confident smile of your dreams.  We know how life-changing orthodontic treatments can be.

Here is what some our orthodontic patients have to say about us:

“It was great. The orthodontist Dr. Jianjun Hao is very professional and explain me how the procedure is going to be from the begining to the end in very polite way. Also the staff is very kind and friendly that makes me feel like we are family.”

“It was a pleasant visit. the wait was all of 5 minutes and he was able to continue my brace adjustments from my previous orthodontist. Very nice and so was his staff… look forward to seeing him in 4 weeks.”

“Like him a lot very good bed side manner we really enjoyed this visit.”

The best way to schedule an initial FREE orthodontic consultation is to call our office. It just takes a couple minutes for us to learn about your smile goals and schedule you with the best dentist. Call us today at 773-481-2200.