Dental Composite Filings

Do you have discolored or chipped teeth that are ruining your smile? If yes, then we have the perfect solution for you. At ABC Dental our top Chicago dentists use dental composites for restoring your badly damaged teeth and giving your beautiful smile back. 

What are Dental Composites?

Dental composites are resin-based fillings that bond directly to your teeth. A unique feature of the composite resins is that they can exactly match the shade and color of your neighboring teeth – so they look natural and become virtually indistinguishable from your own teeth. According to the American Dental Association, composite fillings are suitable for the restoration of small to medium sized tooth defects as they can withstand moderate biting forces. 

Who Can Benefit from Composite Fillings?

Composite fillings are useful in the following clinical situations:

  • Teeth Stains – if you have teeth stains that do not go away with bleaching, then we will cosmetically mask them with composite fillings. 
  • Teeth with Cavities – composite fillings are one of the most aesthetically pleasing options for restoring teeth that have cavities. 
  • Chipped or Crooked Teeth – since we can directly bond the composite fillings to the teeth, we use them for restoring teeth that have become cracked or fractured as a result of direct injury or trauma. 

How are Composite Fillings Placed?

The process for getting composite fillings is very simple and takes about an hour to complete. Here’s what you can expect during the procedure:

  • Clinical Examination – before starting the procedure, our dentists will first perform a detailed examination of your teeth and identify the ones that need restorations. We will also look at the x-ray images of your teeth to determine the extent of the damage. At this stage, we will present you with various options that are suitable for restoring your teeth. 
  • Preparing the Tooth – first, we will remove the damaged portion from the affected tooth. Afterward, we will apply a mild etchant to improve the bonding between the tooth and the resin filling. After about 30 seconds, we will wash away the etchant and dry the etched tooth surface. 
  • Placing the Composite Fillings – at this stage, we will select the composite filling material that has the same shade and color as the neighboring teeth. Next, we will apply the resin on the tooth is small increments. Once we have properly shaped each increment of the filling, we will harden it by using a special light, until we have restored the structure and esthetics of the damaged tooth.
  • Finishing and Polishing – after final finishing and shaping, we will polish the restored tooth surface to improve the esthetics, and to ensure a smooth surface so that teeth cavities do not form around the restoration. 

Caring for your Composite Fillings 

With proper care, your composite fillings can last for a long time. Here’s how you can prolong the life of your white fillings:

  • Oral Hygiene Maintenance – make sure you brush and floss regularly; this will not only keep your natural teeth and gums remain healthy but also ensure that your composite fillings do not get stained. 
  • Avoid Excessively Hard Foods – avoid biting very hard foods as it can result in the fracture of or dislodgement of the fillings. 
  • Avoid Grinding – grinding can cause your fillings and teeth to wear at a faster rate.

Composite fillings offer an excellent combination of strength, durability, and esthetics. Don’t let your chipped or stained teeth come in the way of your success and happiness. Visit us today for a consultation, and let us give you a smile that you can be proud of!