Dental Fixed Bridges

If you are missing one or more of your missing teeth, then you are not alone! According to the American Dental Association, US adults aged between 20 and 64, on average, have three missing or decayed teeth. But the good news is that at ABC Dental, we have multiple options for restoring your missing teeth, including dental fixed bridges.

What is a Dental Fixed Bridge?

A dental fixed bridge is a fixed appliance that is used for replacing one or more missing teeth. Unlike the removable dentures, the bridges remain fixed to your teeth, and so you cannot remove it. A dental bridge consists of dental crowns or abutments that rest on healthy supporting teeth or implants on either side. False teeth, called the pontics, are attached to these crowns to replace the missing teeth. 

Who Can Benefit from Dental Fixed Bridges?

Dental fixed bridges are an excellent option for replacing up to 3 or 4 missing adjacent teeth. You can also benefit from dental bridges in the following conditions:

  • As Replacement for Removable Dentures – if you are satisfied with the fit or esthetics of your removable dentures, then you might benefit from dental bridges as the bridges offer superior esthetics, chewing, and speech efficiency. 
  • When Removable Dentures are not Suitable – in cases when there is insufficient jawbone available to support a removable denture, then dental bridges are a suitable tooth replacement option. 

How Are Dental Bridges Made?

During your consultation appointment, one of our top Chicago dentists will assess your oral health status as well as the number and the location of your missing teeth. We will then utilize this information to recommend suitable tooth replacement options. 

In case you choose dental bridges for replacing your teeth, we will start the procedure by preparing the neighboring teeth that will support the bridge. We will prepare the teeth by removing a thin layer of the outer enamel, to create space for the attachment of the bridge. Next, we will make an impression of your teeth and send them to the laboratory for fabrication. Once your bridge is finished, one of our top Chicago dentists will then bond your bridge to the abutment teeth. 

Say hello to your brand-new smile!

When it comes to a lasting and reliable tooth replacement option, then dental bridges are an excellent candidate. They will not only restore your ability to eat and speak without difficulty, but they will also restore your facial esthetics and allow you to smile with confidence. 

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